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Dessert Flavors

German Chocolate Cake

A moist and rich Chocolate cake perfectly paired with homemade coconut-pecan filling. 

*Pairs nicely with Chocolate Ganache or Chocolate Buttercream

**Customer Favorite

Carrot Cake

A Moist and Flavorful cake with notes of Cinnamon, pineapple and pecans.

*Pairs Nicely with Cream Cheese Filling

**Customer Favorite

Italian Cream

A rich and delicious southern favorite, Italian Cream cake is a vanilla-based cake with coconut and pecans in the batter. 

*Perfectly paired with cream cheese filling

**Customer Favorite

Hummingbird Cake

A beautiful springtime cake, with a unique name is described to taste like banana bread and carrot cake had a baby. 

*Pairs Nicely with Cream Cheese filling

**Customer Favorite


A bright and tart lemony cake dotted with sweet blueberries, is a summer favorite.

*Pairs Nicely with Cream Cheese filling

**Customer favorite

Hershey Chocolate

A moist and decadent chocolate cake, a chocolate lovers' favorite cake.

*Pairs nicely with Chocolate Ganache

Premium Flavors


A light and Fluffy classic vanilla cake that everyone loves.

*Pairs nicely with my signature  Buttercream

**Customer Favorite


Marble Cake

A Moist Vanilla based Cake made with light and dark cocoa batter to acheive a marbled look.

*Pairs Nicely with my signature Buttercream  


Described as your classic wedding cake flavor, a vanilla-based cake with just a hint of almond notes. 

*Perfectly paired with my signature Buttercream

** Wedding Favorite

Strawberry Cake

A soft and fluffy strawberry flavored cake with bits of freeze-dried strawberries in the batter.

*Pairs Nicely with strawberry and cream cheese filling


A southern classic, Red-Velvet cake is a vanilla based cake with hints of cocoa.

*Pairs Nicely with Cream Cheese filling

White Almond- Raspberry Swirl

A fluffy White Almond cake with swirls of raspberry reduction into the batter. Perfectly sweet and tart.

*Pairs nicely with Raspberry Cream Cheese filling

Standard Flavors

Lemon Cake

A light and Fluffy Lemon cake that everyone loves.

*Pairs nicely with my Lemon Custard Filling


Cookie and Cream

A Moist Vanilla based Cake With chunks of Oreo cookies in the batter.

*Pairs Nicely with Cookie and Cream Filling and  Chocolate Ganache 

Confetti Cake

A light and fluffy Vanilla based cake, dotted with colorful sprinkles. 

*Perfectly paired with my signature Buttercream

Espresso Cake

An Espresso Flavored cake made with real espresso. A coffee lovers dream.

*Pairs Nicely with Espresso Filling

Coconut Cake

A southern classic, flavorful and light coconut cake with bits of coconut in the cake

*Pairs Nicely with my Signiture Buttercream

Chocolate-Chip Cake 

A fluffy Vanilla based cake with bits of mini chocolate chips.

*Pairs nicely with my Signiture Buttercream


-Cream Cheese-      -Strawberry-       -Pineapple- 

-White Chocolate Ganache-     -Chocolate Ganache-

-Raspberry-     -Signature Buttercream-

-Raspberry-   -Chocolate-   -Coffee-

-Rose-     -White Chocolate-  -Vanilla-

-Cream Cheese-    -Blueberry Cream- 

-Peaches & Cream-   -Strawberry-

-Lemon-   -Lavendar-    -Confetti-

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